Cuestiones simbólicas

Las formas básicas

Cuestiones simbólicas - Raimon Arola - Herder
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For two decades Professor Raimon Arola has strived to convey in their classes the importance of symbolic thought, both in artistic creation and other cultural and existential domains. This book is a compendium of them and enriching dialogue with students. It raises interesting proposals to develop a living and current symbolic thought.

In an era in which the symbolism is fashionable for its exoticism, the author places his study in the academic world, for a non-existent rigor sometimes out of it, but without losing the very creative essence of symbolism.

According to Arola, symbols are the secret thread that runs through and meets the different traditions, so they appear as the unavoidable basis for any intercultural dialogue. The book, which is structured from basic geometric shapes, is presented as a written speech while visually, with more than 200 pictures that more

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Book: Cuestiones simbólicas

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