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Central Park Benjamin puts us in writing from exile in Paris. This translation is the first Ronald Kay in Spanish from one of the three parts, forming Passages of Paris, unfinished project whereby Benjamin analyzed under the lens of writers, unique heroes, words, sites, etc., the paths of a time as seen in Paris, the capital of the nineteenth century, where they were decanting the various changes that would be felt towards the end of the modern era. Central Park brings together the latest thinking of Benjamin concentrated on the Paris of Baudelaire, emblematic figure of this change which resulted in the "satanic" write-contrary to the values ​​of Catholics Fleurs du mal, and the new figure of the prostitute poet. Definitely the look that shines in Central Park on modernity is centered on a reinterpretation of allegory and melancholy, as Benjamin had expressed in his text The Origin more



Book: Parque Central

ISBN: 9789568415037