Filosofía moral, derecho y metafísica

Un diálogo con Axel Hägerstörm

Filosofía moral, derecho y metafísica - Ernst Cassirer - Herder
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Ernst Cassirer is one of the leading thinkers of the twentieth century Germans. In this work, written during his period of exile in Sweden (1935-1941), revises his thinking based on a typically Platonic dialogue with fellow philosopher Axel Hagerstrom._x000D_
The author shows its practical philosophy and realizes that philosophy can not renounce their ethical ideals, because otherwise it can be manipulated by political leaders as happened in Europe in which he lived. We witness here a twist_x000D_
legal ethical and displays the lines of his posthumous The Myth of the state and points to what might be called a "symbolic critique of reason."



Book: Filosofía moral, derecho y metafísica

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