Filosofía mundana

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Filosofía mundana - Javier Gomá Lanzón - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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All people have an interpretation of the world. Interpreting is already a genuinely philosophical task. Therefore, all women and all men are philosophers and cannot stop being so without resigning from their human condition. This universal philosophical activity coexists with the efforts of a small minority of individuals who write philosophy books. The best of these philosophical works are those that, due to their intelligence, depth and persuasive force, help to educate and improve that first natural philosophy of the people. The supreme mission of philosophy today is to become worldly: philosophy about the whole world but also for everyone and, if possible, with a little bit of the world. A philosopher should not address his writings only to other philosophers, but to the ordinary, unspecialized citizen who wishes to live his life in a wiser, more meaningful, more worth living more


Book: Filosofía mundana

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