Filosofia y la idea del Comunismo

Conversación con Peter Engelmann

Filosofia y la idea del Comunismo - Alain Badiou - Trotta
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The most noteworthy developments of the last decade, such as Arab revolts, hesitations in the process of European unification or refugee crises, have highlighted the current relevance of the idea of ​​communism as conceived by Alain Badiou. For him, it is necessary to find, in what he calls the "procedures of truth" (art, politics, love and science), new modes of communication between individuals that overcome inequality, injustice and, above all, Tendency towards the representativeness proper to Western politics. In conversation with the equally philosopher and editor Peter Engelmann, Badiou exposes the validity of this communist idea, whose roots are located in the terrain of Platonism. This dialogue is also an occasion for the French thinker to review the main concepts of his work, thus tracing an instructive route through it and expressing his point of view regarding philosophers more


Book: Filosofia y la idea del Comunismo

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