Fonología China

Fonología China - Neus Roca Cortés - Herder
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More and more Spanish speakers interested in the study of Chinese and they all have to go through the hard road of learning the pronunciation of the language so beautiful, yet so hard.
Chinese phonology intended to make the road a bit more plain and illuminated both those who begin to discover the Chinese as those readers who have already started learning the language spoken on our planet.
In this book you will find a description of the essential aspects of Chinese phonology: vowels, consonants, syllables combined sounds, the tone of each syllable, the tone changes when combined with other syllables, accentuation and emphatic normal and declarative intonation, interrogative and emphatic. Moreover, in those areas where appropriate, the description is accompanied by a comparison with Spanish. Linguists, phonologists, phoneticians, Chinese students, avid readers of exotic more

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Book: Fonología China

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