Fruta prohibida

Una aproximación histórico-teorética al estudio del derecho y del estado

Fruta prohibida - Juan-Ramón Capella - Trotta
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Prohibited fruit can be seen as a reflection on contemporary law and status, although the intention of its author has been to cultivate the genre of "textbooks": an introduction to the legal and power phenomena, in this case. As an approach to law and the state, Prohibited Fruit may be of interest not only for students of Law or Political Science, but also for those who attend the numerous degrees in which political-legal knowledge is materially indispensable: Sociology, History, Humanities, Economic Sciences, Philosophy ... Forbidden fruit, however, overflows the scope of the informative contents common in university study texts. It leads to an innovative, far-reaching theoretical reflection on the law and institutions of the 21st century and, above all, on the right and the system of power shaped by the "great socio-political transformation". Forbidden fruit thus becomes an more


Book: Fruta prohibida

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