Fuera de sí mismas . Motivos para dislocarse.

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Fuera de sí mismas . Motivos para dislocarse. - Luciana Cadahia y Ana Carrasco-Conde - Herder
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Eleven women Eleven philosophers Eleven important voices of philosophical news that rise to think otherwise of our present. Because philosophy is born to address the big questions from a locus that goes beyond the male voice that has conditioned it. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to make visible the joint work of different thinkers who seek to do philosophy differently in the field of political and aesthetic thought. In that direction, the authors propose to dislocate the norm in three aspects: "unhinged" the order by short-circuiting the place assigned to them in the history of Western male thought; leave "ourselves" assuming that "we" as a central object of questioning and show that "usual" themes have more habit than thought and, therefore, the idea of ​​philosophical rigor can be explored in alternative ways.
This book, therefore, is a clearly feminist commitment and...read more




Book: Fuera de sí mismas . Motivos para dislocarse.

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