Gadamer. Una Biografía

Una biografía

Gadamer. Una Biografía - Jean  Grondin - Herder
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The best condition for centuries to describe the life of Hans-Georg Gadamer is the distance from the eyes of a Canadian expert intimately familiar with German culture and language and excellent knowledge of contemporary philosophy. Jean Grondin manages to combine the general characteristics and the most intimate details in a faithful and accurate portrait of the "Nestor" of German philosophy, who on 11 February 2000 celebrated 100 years. This biography has the merit of telling this path without forgetting centenary significant details and at the same time without getting lost in details. Jean Grondin manages to reconstruct the edge of this life an important part of the history of German philosophy, showing light and dark moments, under the Weimar Republic, the Nazi regime, the first socialist government in the German Democratic Republic. The archival research, numerous interviews more


Book: Gadamer. Una Biografía

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