Galería de personajes del Evangelio

Cómo leer el Evangelio... y no perder la fe

Galería de personajes del Evangelio - Alberto Maggi - Herder
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Can we approach the Gospels through a reading that awakens faith, rather than blindly requiring it? Maggi analyzes the characters of the Gospel to offer an interesting reflection to those who approach them for the first time.

Non-critical reading presents many questions and problems, which depend, in part, on the fact that it is a text transmitted two thousand years ago in a disused language and with images derived from an oriental culture very different from the western one.

This work brings together the characters of the Gospel, from Isabel and Zacarías to Tomás and María Magdalena, under the common view of their difficulty in believing in the God of Jesus. In this way, the reader is offered an interesting interpretation that responds to the numerous obstacles of its reading. Indeed, the essayist and scholar Alberto Maggi develops a series of important reflections more


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Book: Galería de personajes del Evangelio

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