Genealogía de la mente humana

Evolución, cerebro y psicopatología

Genealogía de la mente humana - Jairo Muñoz Delgado - Herder México
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The genealogy of mind studying how human mental processes originated in close connection with the evolution of the brain and behavior of the ancestors of our species.

The theory of evolution originally formulated by Charles Darwin has become mandatory under better understanding all forms of life, including mental life reference.

There is currently great interest in studying and knowing the evolutionary framework related to various aspects of mental health, and have developed such guidance relevant research in the areas of psychology, neuroscience, behavioral science and several of the social sciences. The concern and care by applying modern methodology derived from the theory of evolution to medicine have led to raise questions and answers of great interest in relation to health and mental illness.

Through these studies, the authors, all experts in the areas more

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Book: Genealogía de la mente humana

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