Globalización y filosofía

Globalización y filosofía - Michael Reder - Herder
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"The things of this world are in such constant flux that nothing remains in the same state for a long time." This judgment of the political philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) seems more timely than ever. The phenomenon vaguely designated as globalization has led to the intensification and acceleration of cross-border relations in politics, economy and culture, among other areas. A phenomenon is not new, since humanity has known previously as globalizing impulses that occurred during the Renaissance and late nineteenth century. However, in its current version the process no longer involves only states but also to individuals, institutions and organizations.

Michael Reder, through concrete examples and interpretative models offered by different thinkers from Kant to Habermas, this works wonders how practical philosophy can contribute to reflection on politics, economics and more


Book: Globalización y filosofía

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