Grafología elemental

Grafología elemental - Mauricio Xandró - Herder
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Throughout this work I presented all that can interest their curiosity or desire to know.
Start by apologetic type present ideas, making clarifications on the concept of graphology and overview of its History.
Not to jump sharply to scientific field, analyze the primary movements in humans and identify the gestures graphics. This will make more understandable the law on which I explain science.
After initiation of these issues, and treatment of Grafonomía Grafotecnia, which are the two most important branches into which graphology, how to do analysis, applications and tips to avoid misinterpretations.
I have consistently shunned few concepts lend themselves to double interpretations and sought earnestly the meanings clearer to read that does not require special knowledge in this book.
In my quest to spread graphology have not sinned the defect observed more

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Book: Grafología elemental

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