Gramática árabe con CD 

Gramática árabe con CD  - Federico Corriente - Herder
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To get started in Arabic parachute indicated a method of the classical language, not merely theoretical but also practical, but without reaching the end of the current dialogue in that language, since such a linguistic situation is exceptional. The grammatical description, made with knowledge and use of minimum necessary linguistic theory must ensure maximum clarity, obtained by examples and exercises, vocabulary, properly selected by statistical criteria, must build a common core introduction to language use in every stage, from which the student can then expand their knowledge in the direction you dictate your inclinations. This grammar is intended to compensate the shortcomings of the two most widespread in Spain for the teaching of Arabic: the traditional, which treats it as a dead language, and modern, who freely amputates all her past and as it is not elementary in the present. more

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Book: Gramática árabe con CD 

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