Gramática de uso de la lengua japonesa

Gramática de uso de la lengua japonesa - Lourdes Porta Fuentes - Herder
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Grammar use of the Japanese language is aimed at Spanish-speaking students of basic and intermediate level corresponding to B1-B2 levels of MCRE and N3 Nihongo nõryoku Shiken.

In addition to providing knowledge and rules as any normative grammar, this grammar is also intended as a tool to facilitate the use of language, ie, the practical application in the oral and written expressions of content covered in the different sections of morphology and syntax, through many examples, placing them in different communication fields. The 42 chapters of the book are designed with the dual purpose of providing information in a clear manner and this is easily translatable into communicative functions.

The grammar is structured according to the criteria of the Japanese language, with comparative explanations when Japanese grammatical categories differ from the Spanish. With regard to more

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Book: Gramática de uso de la lengua japonesa

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