Gramática sucinta de la lengua alemana

Gramática sucinta de la lengua alemana - Emil Otto - Herder
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We present the new edition, completely updated, of the prestigious Grammar of the German language, which for many years has served so many students who, autonomously, have approached the study of German. It offers a clear and complete exposition of grammar, spelling and phonetics in 55 lessons structured by themes, with reading texts of support, following a very pedagogical method for progressive learning.
To complete the study of grammar, each lesson is accompanied by vocabulary and exercises, the solutions of which are in the Appendix. It also contains a German-Spanish and Spanish-German vocabulary, a compilation of all the lessons.

On the other hand, as a novelty and important contribution, the reading texts have their corresponding audio, which can be downloaded for free on the website of the publisher.

This grammar, now a classic, was originally more



Book: Gramática sucinta de la lengua alemana

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