Guía práctica para escribir en chino

Expresíon, gramática y estilo

Guía práctica para escribir en chino - Boping Yuan - Herder
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This book is designed for all those with an intermediate knowledge of Chinese, and they need to draft texts in this language with a clear and concise style.

Practical Guide to write in Chinese is designed not only as a textbook for use in class, but also for self-study or as a reference book for those who no longer attend a course, but that use Chinese in their daily lives, work, etc..

The book consists of lessons that can be studied independently taking into account the immediate and future needs of the student. Each lesson contains several educational texts accompanied by explanations or observations that expose everything related to text structure, style, relevant expressions and grammar. The book also offers a wide range of exercises with solutions and a Chinese-Spanish glossary

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Book: Guía práctica para escribir en chino

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