Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler - Francisco López Martín - Akal
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This book not only tells the wonderful trajectory of a musician who, born in a dark city of Bohemia, became director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of New York. In addition, it relates a fundamental page of the history of culture, that of music at the beginning of the twentieth century in central Europe and, above all, in Vienna. During his ten years as artistic director of the Opera of the Austrian capital, Mahler aroused enthusiasm and passionate controversies. His marriage to Alma Schindler and the dramas of his family life contributed to his celebrity. His work - rooted in the end of romanticism but aimed at clearing the way for a new musical language - and the prestige of his person made him a major figure in a city like Vienna, a true melting pot of artistic and intellectual transformations that still today They do not stop fascinating us. The publication between 1979 and 1984 more


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Book: Gustav Mahler

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