Hablando claro

Una introducción a los fármacos psiquiátricos

Hablando claro - Joanna Moncrieff - Herder
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The nature of psychopathology has been controversial since there are both psychology and psychiatry. A trend of this discipline , as a medical specialty that is attempted to justify its dominant role by asserting that madness and psychological suffering are essentially diseases of the brain or body. Despite the rejection that caused this reductionist perspective has been imposed in recent decades . As a result , not only psychotropic drugs are the mainstay of modern psychiatric treatment, but are prescribed to millions of people.

At the same time , the pharmaceutical industry, whose profits have grown significantly , helped to transform psychiatric illness problems that were once viewed as their own social or interpersonal situations , and its advertising campaigns have convinced millions of people that need to consume psychoactive drugs. That is, the pressure comes not only pr...read more


Book: Hablando claro

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