Hanyu 1, Chino para hispanohablantes

Chino para hispanohabantes

Hanyu 1, Chino para hispanohablantes - Eva Costa Vila - Herder
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Hanyu 1 is the first level of a modern Chinese method aimed at Spanish-speaking adults. The Level 1 manual, divided into two parts: textbook and workbook, allows students to progressively develop the four basic skills: listening, writing and speaking and writing. The workbook emphasizes the practice of the four skills, vocabulary and grammatical structures presented in the textbook. It also proposes phonetic exercises related to the objective of the drive. Pragmatic and grammatical content, based on the levels taught in EEOOII, prepare students for the official HSK. Levels 2 and 3 are in preparation.

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Book: Hanyu 1, Chino para hispanohablantes

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