Hanyu Shudu 

Aprender los caracters chinos co SUDOKUS

Hanyu Shudu  - Dorothee Dauber - Herder
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Want to learn Chinese characters in an easy and enjoyable? Hanyu Shudu contains 72 sudoku with varying degrees of difficulty that must be filled with the 9 characters that make up a sentence. Every sudoku is complemented by a piece of calligraphy in which you can practice writing each of the new characters. With the aid of Hanyu Shudu learn about 120 characters without realizing it: both its meaning and writing (the order and direction of the strokes). While solving a sudoku, writing at least six or seven times and each character is read, search and compare a number of times. Hanyu Shudu allow you to learn the most commonly used characters in Chinese.

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Book: Hanyu Shudu 

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