Hanzi para recordar, Chino simplificado I

Chino simplificado I

Hanzi para recordar, Chino simplificado I - Timothy Richardson - Herder
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Course mnemonic for learning the script and meaning of Chinese characters.
The method has helped thousands of students memorizing the Japanese kanji now adapted to the Chinese characters, hanzi. Book 1 to remember Hanzi-Chinese Simplified-includes writing and the meaning of the 1,000 most common characters in simplified Chinese script, plus a further 500 recommended. Simplified characters are used in the Republic of China, Singapore and the United Nations.
With this method, the student learns to use the "imaginative memory" to relate the various components that make up each character as well as to associate with a keyword carefully chosen to represent a basic meaning of it. This is achieved by creating a "story" that encompasses all these elements. Thus, clusters of points, lines and components that form the characters are associated in an easy to remember, helping to sign...read more

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Book: Hanzi para recordar, Chino simplificado I

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