Hermano islam

Hermano islam - Juan José Tamayo - Trotta
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This book brings together analysis and reflections representative of what the author calls his "first journey through Islam". A journey that knew its first fruits with Islam. Culture, religion and politics, international prize of the Republic of Tunisia, where, from a new approach to Islam, its history, its presence in Spain and its beliefs, as well as the Prophet Muhammad, articulates the original proposal of an Islamo-Christian theology of liberation in a feminist key.
His subsequent encounters with Islam have led the author to explore some of its lesser-known dimensions. Among them are philosophical illustration in al-Andalus; ethnic, religious and cultural pluralism within the Arab-Muslim world; relations between Islam and the West analyzed from two opposing approaches, the warmongering and intolerant or the inclusive dialogue; the figure of the French intellectual Roger Gar...read more



Book: Hermano islam

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