Hic et nunc

Aquí y ahora… seguimos hablando latín

Hic et nunc - Toni Batllori - Gedisa
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In Catalan or Castilian, French or Italian, Portuguese or Romanian, we do not speak more than a Latin evolved from the original language spread throughout Europe from the Italian Peninsula. But also we talked as Caesar and Catullus spoke a few phrases that have been preserved intact until today. The great Roma have not only survived the Roman Amphitheatre or the wall of Barcino; but they have also endured until today, in better condition without loss, mea culpa, spa, cum laude or alea iacta est. Some come from the right (dura lex sed lex), philosophy (ex nihilo nihil fit) or the Christian tradition (vadis quo), other literature (carpe diem), history (bird Caesar, Morituri te salutant) or knowledge popular (non petita excusatio, ac-cusatio manifest). This book offers a journey through the most used with delicious explanations of Josep Manuel Udina, which traces the etymology of each, o...read more


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Book: Hic et nunc

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