Historia crítica de Jesucristo

Historia crítica de Jesucristo - Barón de Holbach - Cuenco de plata
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Cuenco de plata
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“If we are branded as innovating, we will shield ourselves with the example of Jesus Christ himself, who was regarded as an innovator by the Jews, so obstinate in their old law, and who was the martyr of the reform that he wanted to introduce. However, we firmly declare that we have no desire to imitate him on this point: we want to preach, yes, but excluding martyrdom. If the doctrine that we present does not please, since the author does not intend to be considered divinely inspired, he leaves everyone free to reject or admit his interpretations and his way of seeing things. He does not threaten eternal torments to those who do not accept his arguments, nor does he have sufficient authority to promise heaven to those who submit to them. He dares to think that those who read this review in cold blood will recognize that it is possible to doubt the inspiration of the evangelical autho...read more

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Book: Historia crítica de Jesucristo

ISBN: 9789871772537