Hombre y mundo

Hombre y mundo - Wolfgang Welsch - Pre-Textos
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Man and world
Philosophy in evolutionary perspective

Is there really no alternative to the modern way of thinking according to which all must start with the human being and everything has to refer to it, or has time to overcome it? Can humans see the world as it is or has to be content with a world interpreted humanely? The Modern Age and Modernity left a detachment from the world and a fundamental autonomy of the human being, which consequently implied that our link to the world can only lead to one built by us but not in the real. Against this, in this book, in the context of a consistently evolutionary perspective, the elemental linkage of humans exposed to the world. From this review of anthropology, the consequences for a new ontology and epistemology outlined.

Wolfgang Welsch, 1946, is emeritus professor of theoretical philosophy at the Friedrich Schiller Uni...read more


Book: Hombre y mundo

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