Huellas analógicas en el camino filosófico

Huellas analógicas en el camino filosófico - Mauricio  Beuchot - Herder México
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This book tries to be an invitation to philosophy, in the form of analogical rationality, through dialogue with some very connoted philosophers, who teach us something about the concept of analogy and, positively or negatively, teach us the need to adopt that perspective open but demanding.
Nowadays, hermeneutics, the discipline of interpreting texts, is cultivated a lot, as well as putting them into practice on them. Well, we need a theory that can overcome the dangers of univocal, closed and obtuse hermeneutics, which does not reach
account of the rich content of the text, as well as those of the equivocal, disproportionately open, like jaws that want to devour him, its meaning and, ultimately, the interpretation itself.
In Analogue Footprints on the Philosophical Path, Dr. Mauricio Beuchot explores the notion of analogy in philosophers of a range of eras -Platón, more



Book: Huellas analógicas en el camino filosófico

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