Inmigrantes y refugiados

Trauma, duelo permanente, prejuicio y psicología de las fronteras

Inmigrantes y refugiados - Vamik D. Volkan - Herder
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This book uses the tools of psychology and psychoanalysis to examine the political and social issues related to groups, both from the point of view of immigrants and refugees as well as that of recipient countries.

The so-called "refugee crisis" is a phenomenon that has led to sharp divisions in the European Union and has generated fear and repulsion towards everything outside of local values. A large part of our society wishes to have an ethnically pure national identity or be from a country composed only of people from select places. That is why it is vitally important to understand the benign, hostile or malicious prejudices generated with respect to others.

That "big groups" ask themselves "who are we now?" Has become a key issue in world affairs. In effect, it has brought about the resurgence of centuries-old religious and cultural practices in an effort to more


Book: Inmigrantes y refugiados

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