Intervención grupal en violencia sexista

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Intervención grupal en violencia sexista - Neus Roca Cortés - Herder
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Gender-based violence against women, the product of a patriarchal culture that justifies and legitimizes the unequal relationship between the sexes, it has become visible in recent decades, and its eradication has definitely entered a part of the public agenda. This is an issue to be addressed in response to the victims, offenders and the social context in which it occurs, both the preventive and from the care. Since a large part of the social context promotes gender-based violence, both the delegitimization of it as part of the intervention must take place in the social sphere, hence the importance of group work as a strategy of transformation._x000D_
In this work, Neus Rock and Julia Masip, psychologists and experts in research group intervention, provide a rigorous theoretical framework based on the experience and contrasted with the numerous interventions and more

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Book: Intervención grupal en violencia sexista

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