Introducción a la metafísica

Introducción a la metafísica - Jean  Grondin - Herder
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A project that sets new directions and approaches to science, neglected by the scientific world, constitutes the foundation of philosophy._x000D_
Metaphysics still perhaps insurmountable budget all thinking, to the extent that it is incumbent to make the project of understanding the world, with universal vocation, might wonder why the self and the things._x000D_
According to Jean Grondin, the need for an introduction to this branch of philosophy has become urgent because of the general climate of suspicion that surrounds it. Through the presentation and analysis of texts of Parmenides, Aristotle, Augustine, Descartes, Heidegger, Gadamer and Derrida, among others, the author proposes, with simplicity and clarity, a pleasant journey through key moments. The aim of the work is not to review the "big systems" metaphysicians in all its more


Book: Introducción a la metafísica

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