Introducción a la metafísica

Introducción a la metafísica - Martin Heidegger - Gedisa
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The nagging question of being, its relationship to anything and the body, for its ultimate nature, the legitimacy and the very meaning of the question of being as it is and as our language opens its space, are the main themes of this work.  For Heidegger, the history of metaphysics is the history of being, but also the story of his forgetfulness, because metaphysics did not address to ask for the Being of beings and their relationship to anything. Hence in this text again and again on the question: "Why is the being and not rather nothing?"  The history of metaphysics is also our own history, it is our destiny, to the extent that only ask our being can open the space in which the self can emerge and displayed. But this power of "openness" should not be confused with power over the Being of beings, should not pensársela as a relationship between subject and object. Hence the more


Book: Introducción a la metafísica

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