Introducciones a la filosofía

Introducciones a la filosofía - Samuel Cabanchick - Gedisa
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An introduction to philosophy poses considerable challenges and certain danger, promising both too much and too little. Too, because if it is conceived philosophy as "science of science" or "sum of knowledge", an introduction to it you must put the hand innermost inaccessible; too little because warned that such a promise remains unfulfilled, it is reasonably suspected that the true philosophy will be sacrificed on the altar of disclosure and what you get in return is a pale substitute his or schematic summary of its history. The work presented here falls short of those challenges and navigated the dangers good fortune. It does provide a schematic and avoiding arbitrary reconstruction of the history of philosophy in the catalog of names and doctrines of the most famous philosophers deployment. Instead, Introductions to philosophy is a presentation of the main problems of philosophy, more


Book: Introducciones a la filosofía

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