Michael Jackson como síntoma

Jacksonismo - Mark Fisher - Caja Negra Editora
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As Mark Fisher warns, this book was born of the conviction that the death of Michael Jackson should be addressed by more than easy or raised taxes biographies. Its authors-a selection of cultural and music critics among which are Ian Penman, Simon Reynolds, Steven Barney Hoskyns and Shaviro- agree that his work and his life are a symptom that needs to be interpreted, and that his death just after the last financial crisis and the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, it marked the end of an era that he more than anyone had helped define.

Dolls, zombies, giants, cyborgs, fetish objects and fantasy characters such as Peter Pan or Mickey Mouse, that obsessed entirely to Michael Jackson, inhabit these trials not only as testimony of enchantment and sorcery with which permeated all his work, or as a harbinger of personal disasters that eroded his career, but ab...read more


Book: Jacksonismo

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