Japonés para hispanohablantes, Nihongo curso 2

Japonés para hispanohablantes

Japonés para hispanohablantes, Nihongo curso 2 - Junichi Matsuura - Herder
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Japanese to Spanish speakers. Textbook. Level 2 This teaching material consisting of two textbooks, two supplementary workbooks and grammar is aimed at students of elementary and intermediate level Japanese language, using Spanish as vehicular language. The development of this resource package is intended to remedy the shortcomings in other texts at the time of their use in class, lack of exercise and oral and written expression, grammar explanations and exercises. It also offers a new approach at both the exposure of grammatical structures as the interaction of the same, always subject to the communication needs of students. Thanks to its globalizing will also cover a neglected area so far: the self-taught student or the student who needs to expand itself like knowledge certain.

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Book: Japonés para hispanohablantes, Nihongo curso 2

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