Japonés para hispanohablantes, Nihongo gramática


Japonés para hispanohablantes, Nihongo gramática - Junichi Matsuura - Herder
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Essential book for the study of language Nippon supplementing the two recent publications of the first level of learning-Level Textbook and Workbook I-Level I This is the third installment of this series of educational materials, consisting of two textbooks, two supplementary workbooks and grammar, aimed at Spanish speakers who are interested in learning the Japanese language. Structured under the criteria of Japanese grammar, Bunpo Nihongo is a descriptive grammar, written in Spanish that places special emphasis on those issues specific to the construction of sentences that are more difficult for Spanish-speaking students. Fills a gap in the current literature in our language teachers of Japanese, a teaching that ends up being largely dependent on the literature published in other languages, mainly English, both dictionaries, as well as textbooks and, in general, grammar of the Japan...read more

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Book: Japonés para hispanohablantes, Nihongo gramática

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