Jesús de Nazaret 

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Jesús de Nazaret  - Joachim  Gnilka - Herder
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The irradiation power and unshakable attraction of Jesus of Nazareth reaches far beyond the borders of Christianity. This book provides brilliant exposure of its message and its history from the hand of an accredited expert in New Testament. Gnilka Joachim illuminates the figure of Jesus on all sides accessible to historical research today. Places it in the context of political, religious and social time. Both the affinity as tensions over its people, Gnilka remove the personality and authority of Jesus, who fired the deadly conflict with the political and religious authorities of his time. This book captivates any reader interested in history and religion: the information on the historical background and the liberating message of Jesus' life are linked in a living unit that casts a new light for the reader of today on the performance Jesus in his time and builds a bridge between the more

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Book: Jesús de Nazaret 

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