Justicia ecologica en la era del Antropoceno

Justicia ecologica en la era del Antropoceno -  AA.VV. - Trotta
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The new paradigm of ecological justice is addressed in this book as a legal model, but at the same time physical, economic, political and ethical. At present the accumulation of wealth, as the essence that governs the operation of the capitalist economic system, is only possible under conditions of ecological plunder and undermining social rights. Science, on the other hand, justifies the radicality of a socioecological reason for the defense of the common goods of humanity, from the spaces of economics and law. Increasing human intervention in natural systems has ushered in a new geological age: the Anthropocene. Among the vast array of human-induced disturbances on the planet are global warming and related climatic change. Warming of the climate system is a global phenomenon and one of the most serious threats to all continents and oceans. Scientific studies show the observations ma...read more


Book: Justicia ecologica en la era del Antropoceno

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