La abeja y el economista

La abeja y el economista - Yann Moulier Boutang - Traficantes de sueños
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Traficantes de sueños
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For many of our contemporaries, finances have become excessive, excessive, scandalous, not to say criminal. In the dictionary of inherited ideas, finance is undoubtedly on the opposite side of the "real" economy; They are responsible for the present chaos. However, the current crisis is not only financial, it is also an economic, social and ecological crisis. In fact, the crisis marks a rupture and a bifuration in relation to the capitalist model that has conquered the planet since the fourteenth century. It is in this ongoing revolution, in which this book presents, at the same time, a small history of finance, an analysis of the contemporary crisis and a prospective attempt.

According to the main hypothesis that develops here, we are in the process of tilting from an economy of production and exchange to an economy of pollination and contribution. From the inversion of the more


Book: La abeja y el economista

ISBN: 9788496453692