La aventura del universo + DVD

La aventura del universo + DVD - Mary Evelyn Tucker - Herder
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This little book tells a great story, from which we have emerged and in which we participate: the adventure of the universe. Because the universe is not only a place, but a story, an immense event of energy, that has been deployed over time to become galaxies and stars, the music of Bach and each of the beings that inhabit it.

Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker explore cosmic evolution as a wonderful process based on creativity, connection and interdependence, envisioning an unprecedented opportunity to meet the ecological and social challenges of our times. And they do so from a novel perspective, intertwining the findings of modern science with the perennial wisdom of the humanistic traditions of the West, China, India, and indigenous peoples.

"Every time we turn our gaze to the sky and admire the shuddering beauty of the universe, we are actually the universe more



Book: La aventura del universo + DVD

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