La contrademocracia

La política en la era de la desconfianza

La contrademocracia - Pierre Rosanvallon - Manantial
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The democratic ideal today is unrivaled in the world, but the regimes that claim raises almost all strong critical parts. The erosion of trust in the representatives is therefore one of the major problems of our time. But, while citizens go to the polls less, why have not become passive: we see manifested in the streets, questioning, mobilize the Internet ... To understand this new Janus citizen, this work aims at understanding the mechanisms to establish trust and social expression of distrust as two spheres and two different moments in the life of democracies. The electoral-representative activity is organized around the first dimension: their study is classic. But the second has never been explored systematically. Pierre Rosanvallon is Aboca to it and proposes a history and theory of structuring role of distrust in democracies. This radical change of perspective leads to explore a more


Book: La contrademocracia

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