La Destructividad en el niño y el adolescente

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La Destructividad en el niño y el adolescente - Jean-Yves Hayez - Herder
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Expressions such as delinquent child with psychopathic personality or hide a category that is common to them all: the destructiveness. Jean-Yves Hayez described in a comprehensive and orderly functioning of children and adolescents with disruptive behavior and psychical mechanisms that are in their origin. Thus, the reader learns not to demonize or victimize these children, but to see them as people in their maturation process are immersed in an inner conflict between self-centeredness and sociability, respect for the rules and the momentum of transgression. The work is aimed at people involved with a child or teen of these character-Stice, and especially to professionals in the fields of psychiatry, juvenile justice and rehabilitative care. It is therefore an extremely useful manual that meets the relevant aspects of diagnosis with therapeutic measures thoughtful suggestions and more



Book: La Destructividad en el niño y el adolescente

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