La educación sentimental

La educación sentimental - Gustave Flaubert - Akal
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An endless novel that can be reread to find new references, new clues, new details.

Portrait of a generation in France from 1840 to 1867, Sentimental Education is a novel with mediocre characters and hardly any plot: a young man from the provinces, Frédéric Moreau, goes to Paris to study law: he is not attracted to studies, he inherits a fortune and you can live as you had dreamed. But he is trapped in an unrealizable desire, a desire that governs his existence, his relationship with friends, women, his relationship with money; lives obsessed with an obsessive love, Mrs. Arnoux, a married woman, who leads him nowhere, because above all he is a passive hero and with the awareness that society has to give him what he thinks he deserves, without making the less effort. All this will take place in a splendid setting, the Paris of the mid-nineteenth century, the capital of the more


Book: La educación sentimental

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