La enfermedad mortal

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La enfermedad mortal - Søren Kierkegaard - Herder
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In spite of his short life, Søren Kierkegaard had an enormous philosophical production. In his stage of maturity emphasize, among others, works like The concept of the anguish and The deadly disease or Treated on the despair. With a close relationship with each other, these titles analyze individual existential categories - the anguish and despair - that allow the subject to turn to himself and configure himself as an authentic individual. The adaptation you have between your hands focuses on the suffering generated by the responsibility of being yourself and is undoubtedly one of the great reasons why Kierkegaard is considered the father of existentialism.

Those who claim to be desperate are ordinarily those who possess a much deeper nature, so that they can not but be conscious of their spirituality; Or it may be those others to whom a terrible event or dreadful decision more


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Book: La enfermedad mortal

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