La esencia del cristianismo

La esencia del cristianismo - Ludwig Feuerbach - Trotta
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Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872) Søren Kierkegaard could write: "It is false when the current Christianity says Feuerbach attacks Christianity. Is not true! Attacks Christians, showing that his life does not correspond to the doctrine of Christianity. " The Feuerbach himself speaks in the prologue to The essence of Christianity "therapeutic" purpose of the book. More than the negation of religion, which is intended purification of repre-tations contradict the man and the po-bilities of mankind as such.
"Whoever can not say about me but I'm an atheist, he does not know anything about me. The question of the existence or nonexistence of God, as opposed to theism and atheism XVIIy belongs to the eighteenth century, but not the XIX. I deny God. This means in my case: I deny the negation of man [...] The question of being or not being of God is in my case only the question of being or more


Book: La esencia del cristianismo

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