La Familia competente

Nuevos caminos en la educación

La Familia competente - Jesper  Juul - Herder
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How to translate affectionate feelings in caring behaviors? Since, loving is not enough for parents and children get along.

The competent family contains the quintessence of educational approaches Jesper Juul and the author 's long experience as a family therapist .

Based on the European project FamilyLab promotes the idea that children's education is a lifelong process and that it is for the whole family. Do we want our children to become people with a high level of independence , capacity and self-esteem? To do this , children need parents willing to develop; parents who are like beacons that emit clear and consistent signals , and express clearly what they want. Children need competent competent parents.

In a format of short and independent chapters , the author sheds light on educational issues that most concern parents : limits , responsibility and obedience more


Book: La Familia competente

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