La Gracia como libertad

La Gracia como libertad - Karl  Rahner - Herder
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Theological and spiritual articles gathered here were written by Karl Rahner for a variety of circumstances, lectures, articles, television shows, interviews, meditations and speeches, and gathered by him in book form. There, Rahner is faced with positive and optimistic look at one of the most intricate problems of theology: the exposure of the cooperation of God and man for salvation, so that is safeguarded by the omnipotence of an equal divine action and autonomy of freedom and human responsibility. Or, with a more biblical, how to define the role of human freedom as the Christian knows and confesses that God's grace is "the one who justifies."_x000D_
On these issues, so open now, slide clear, penetrating, calm, reflections of the great twentieth century theologian, Karl Rahner. But as a scientific formula, but from the perspective of freedom as "the personal and spiritual more




Book: La Gracia como libertad

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