La huella del pasado

Hacia una ontología de la realidad histórica

La huella del pasado - François Jaran - Herder
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An original ontological questioning that follows the Heideggerian attempt to break with the primacy of presence and allows us to rethink the bond that unites the being at the time.

This book aims to analyze the traces left by past events on our present. Jaran relies on the hermeneutical reflection of Wilhelm Dilthey and the phenomenological approaches of the young Martin Heidegger to argue that our experience of history does not come from a merely subjective interpretation of reality.

Leaving behind the epistemological framework from which the philosophy of history is usually elaborated, this essay adopts a decidedly ontological perspective and seeks to understand what it means for an entity to be both real and historical. In fact, the analysis of historical entities shows that some of the things that surround us contain references to the past that are not projected by more


Book: La huella del pasado

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