La Jubilación

Una oportunidad vital

La Jubilación - Ricardo  Moragas Moragas - Herder
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The aging population is the most important phenomenon of the twenty-first century. Never in the history of mankind so many people had lived so many years, fifteen or twenty of them in the West, as retirees. Several works deal with the economic, social or political retirement. However, no worker tells: How to Retire with higher quality of life?. The preparation for any life stage and gives people a better fit society anticipates the situation and allows each person to develop a strategy for the new stage. In the developed world prepares the child for fifteen or twenty years to work thirty years and everyone agrees that the preparation for the work is effective. However, the worker will live in retirement fifteen, twenty or more years, he was not prepared. The countries that do, Norway, Great Britain, Holland, barely five percent of retirees. In Spain, the author participates in more


Book: La Jubilación

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