La máquina sumatoria

La máquina sumatoria - William S. Burroughs - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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Tapa Blanda

In this book, we find William S. Burroughs interested in topics such as psychoanalysis, writing, sexuality and some conspiracy theories. The guiding thread of these texts is one that shows Burroughs as a critic of his time, an essayist of the problems of his century. Thus, the reflections that come together in these writings allude to a stage throughout Burroughs' life where his interest shows the conviction of refusing to be an entertainment artist, but rather staying true to the art of writing. Although their reflections on sex are anchored in the concept of organic energy, the most energetic portions of the entire volume are those that refer to the "black sciences" of mind control, telepathy, the unconscious and the word. A work of brilliant lucidity, these texts demonstrate the kind of writer who is Burroughs, witty and intuitive from the Interzone.




Book: La máquina sumatoria

ISBN: 9786079671563