La museología

La museología - Georges-Henri Rivière - Akal
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Georges Henri Riviere in March 1985 left the world of museums cheering coming since 1928. Co-founder with Paul Rivett the Museum of Man, and initiator of the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of France and first director of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-UNESCO), are also at the origin of the documents that are developed today in many countries. G.H.R., as he called his friends and disciples, taught at the University of Paris IV, from 1970 to 1982, a general museology course Association Georges Henri Riviere friends now available to all professionals. This author has written Claude Levi Strauss: "Invented complete and from the beginning a purist and elegant museology, demonstrating the existence of a solidarity that unites through the ages masterpieces of the past and present creations. In it the taste for subversion and strict classicism, refined and rustic, more


Book: La museología

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